Exhibition design

Custom build solution

Array will provide a team, that with your input, will deliver a production that parties will be proud of.

Your brief

We analyse with you to get a detailed understanding.  Only then do we allocate the project a team that we consider will provide the best solution.


will take the form of a series of; plans, 3D visuals and/or a ‘Fly Through’ of the stand, to a standard that you can present to your team.  This will be accompanied by an itemised cost breakdown.

Initial concepts

The team will produce a number of concepts, these can be presented as a ‘Discussion document’ enabling you to provide further input to the project.  Together we can ensure the design / layout ‘Works’ from a practical perspective.

Stand Logistics

a subject that we will revisit regularly, to ensure we create the flow of visitors / delegates to the ‘Contact’ areas, sight-lines remain clear,

modular displays

An economic alternative to creating a stand, as opposed to custom design and construct…. inevitably, because you are working with a catalogue of components, it will restrict the creativity of the designer.

Array offers for hire; Be-matrix / Aluvision, and T-3

portable displays

Array is a distributor for the largest supplier of portable display equipment in the UK. This links us into their network; with the support of offices in France, Italy, Poland and Portugal, and distributors in Spain and Germany.

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